GEN+ is a knowledge transferring platform in the field of economy and public governance with a particular interest in federalism and decentralization. GEN+ is born as an extension of the GEN Research Group (Governance and Economics Research Network) at the University of Vigo. Its legal form is a non-profit association.


GEN+ organizes conferences, meetings and workshops; and elaborates public reports. To develop its activities GEN+ has several public and private partners that maintain stable partnerships or define specific cooperation.


The activity of GEN+ is organized in four aspects: DERNET, RIFDE, GEN+ Reports and Red Localis; each of which has its own strategy and organization adapted to the specific objectives they pursue and their respective paths.


GEN+ has a scientific committee that advises on its various activities.

Latest news

SABADELLGALLEGO signs an agreement with GEN PLUS

Santiago Lago, director of GEN PLUS and Pablo Junceda, manager of SabadellGallego signed an agreement for the sponsorship of events related to public administration. Thanks to the signing of this collaboration, SabadellGallego promotes the 1st Red Localis Congress that will be held on June 20 and 21 in Ourense (Spain).


Bank of Spain, MEDE and RIFDE-GEN’s Workshop

April 28, the Bank of Spain and the European Stability Mechanism, in collaboration with RIFDE-GEN+, will organized a workshop on "The access to market funding by the Regional Government: international experience and recent developments"



"Local entities in front of transparency and innovation", the 1st Red Localis Conference, will take place on June 20 and 21, 2017 in the "Centro Cultural Marcos Valcárcel" (Ourense) and organized by Red Localis and GEN+. The conference will have four panels, with expert speakers from the academic and professional world, as well as a special session in which political and media representatives related to the local public sector, will participate. The conference also will have several parallel sessions where the communications will be presented.


3rd International Conference on "Decentralization after the Great recession: Fine-tuning or Paradigm Change?"

DERNET-GEN+, will be organized an international conference on “Decentralization after the Great recession: Fine-tuning or Paradigm Change?”. It will be held in Santiago de Compostela on 26-27 October 2017. The conference is managed under the direction of Santiago Lago Peñas, Jorge Martínez-Vázquez e Ignacio Lago.