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Call of duty que es el mejor

Pocas franquicias de videojuegos tienen tanta influencia y éxito como Call of Duty. Lo que comenzó como un pulido shooter de la Segunda Guerra Mundial se ha transformado en algo totalmente distinto en los últimos 15 años, con juegos que van desde la guerra de Vietnam hasta los confines del espacio. Con varios juegos en preparación, incluyendo una secuela de Modern Warfare, junto con una continuación de Warzone, hay muchas cosas en el horizonte para los fans de Call of Duty (aunque Activision se tome un año de descanso en 2023).

Independientemente de la localización o la historia, los juegos de Call of Duty suelen ofrecer campañas para un solo jugador de infarto y un intenso modo multijugador competitivo. Incluso cuando la entrada de 2018, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, cambió y se deshizo de la campaña, aportó otra experiencia emocionante con su nuevo modo battle royale llamado Blackout. Pero no todos los juegos de Call of Duty son iguales. Algunos eran simplemente mejores que otros, y con eso en mente, los hemos clasificado del peor al mejor.

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Para esta lista, nos ceñiremos a las entradas principales de la serie Call of Duty. Esto significa que se excluyen los títulos derivados y los juegos simplificados lanzados para sistemas de generaciones anteriores, como World at War – Final Fronts. Con 19 juegos elegibles, los hemos hecho luchar para ver cuál es el mejor.

Which Call of Duty are for PS4?

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 – PS4 and PS5 Games | PlayStation (Mexico)

Which is the best optimized Call of Duty?

However, there are several games that marked a before and after not only in the saga, but in the world of FPS. And the greatest exponent in terms of innovation is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Call of duty: wwii

Traverse the desert landscape with a new fleet of ground and air vehicles debuting in Warzone 2.0, including the tactical vehicle, UTV, light tank, heavy helicopter and rigid inflatable boat.

Take risks by infiltrating AI-patrolled buildings and take exclusive high-end loot. With fortresses you can fight through the enemy stronghold and earn your load of loot with effort.    With covert locations, prepare for the ultimate showdown and earn lasting loot.

Call into battle your favorite gear ready in a battle royale game with Loadout Drop. Order a drop by collecting enough in-game cash… and maybe it will clear your path to victory.

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Call of duty: ghosts

Loved by some, reviled by others… The Call of Duty franchise has become by its own merits one of the biggest names in the video game industry. With Black Ops already in stores around the world, the question of whether the guys at Treyarch would definitely be able to maintain the saga on their own after the disappearance of Infinity Ward as we knew it, has been dispelled. The answer is yes, and the fact is that this is the best title this team has produced so far.

With a fast pace and a narrative in the purest Hollywood style, this war shooter once again sets the bar extremely high for all studios seeking to try their luck in the genre, and also reaffirms the strength of Activision’s franchise in the shooter universe.

The dialogues are more than acceptable in the action genre, and go beyond the usual phrases of camaraderie in the dialogues to build a well-profiled characters. As we usually say, the shooter as such has to be valued differently from any other genre in narrative aspects, due to the problems of rhythm that would offer an overexposure of the plot, so the work of those responsible for obtaining a good balance in this regard is worthy of mention in this Black Ops.

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Call of duty: ghosts

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